Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What it takes to be perfect.

While running various errands today, it occurred to me that life is never going to be perfect.

This is what my mind does while I am driving over streets I've driven over a bazillion times, roaming in stores I've roamed in many times before: it entertains itself with thoughts such as, "Hey, guess what... your life is never going to be perfect."

I mean, I knew that already, but I'm not sure I realized it on a conscious level. It seems that no matter what, there are some "grrs" and "arghs" in my life.

So today I made a list in my mind of what it would take for my life to be perfect.

1. I'd lose 60 pounds. (OK, maybe 70.)
2. I'd grow some really good, thick hair. Maybe it'd be blonde, or a nice auburn. And perhaps naturally curly as well.
3. My husband would suddenly become more touchy-feely, more intuitive, more emotional. In other words, he'd become a girl.
4. My daughter would NOT have ADHD.
5. I would not have ADHD.
6. My book would be sitting on the shelves at Barnes and Noble. (Or at least in the throes of being published.) (Or at least the rough draft would be finished.)
7. My mom would be in great health and I wouldn't be worrying about her having a stroke or a heart attack or something.
8. My dad, my grandparents and my uncle would be here, instead of in heaven. Or, at least, they'd have visiting rights.
9. My cat wouldn't be dead, either.
10. And what the heck... I'd like to be less easily confused. Because a lot of time, life just confuses me.

Yep... if all that happened, life would be perfect.

And then my brain came up with this realization:

My life is pretty damn good. Not perfect, but pretty good. I've got some good stuff going on here: I've been married to Geek Boy almost 15 years; I've got two pretty awesome kids who are the best things in my world;  I am a writer and I always wanted to *be* a writer; and I have a loving extended family. I also have great friends. And a big, dopey dog. And four of the finest cats that ever walked the earth.

So, there. That's how I'm starting my blog: by saying life is pretty damn good. Even with a few grrs and arghs thrown in for good measure.