Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a difference a word makes...

So, we went to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" for the third time tonight in honor of Thing #2's 10th birthday. 

After the show, the actors were out in the lobby, greeting folks and taking pictures. Of course, everyone was crowding around Ben Bakken, who does an AWESOME job of playing Jesus. (Not only is he mega- talented, he's also incredibly nice.)

Standing next to him was an absolutely beautiful actress and the oh-so-very hunky guy who plays Peter. (I can't remember his name. I pretty much refer to him as  Hunky! Guy!Peter!) 

Anyway, I had five young girls with me and I asked if they could take a picture with the actors, including Ben. The absolutely beautiful actress asked me, "Do you want us to be in the picture?" And I said.. are you ready for this?... 

"I'd prefer not, but thanks anyway."

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson.... "D'oh!"

Without blinking an eye, Hunky! Guy! Peter! and the absolutely beautiful actress walked away. And then I realized a rather important word that I had misconstrued. 

I thought she had asked, "Do you want to be in the picture?"

I am notoriously camera-shy, and usually decline any offers to be in a picture. Even a picture with an absolutely beautiful actress and Ben-who-plays-Jesus and Hunky!Guy! Peter!

Yep. One little word misunderstood, and I had transformed myself into the rudest human being to ever walk the earth.

The realization hit me like a thunder bolt on steroids. Naturally, I gasped and screamed, "No! No! I thought you asked if I wanted to be in the picture!" 

Ben-who-plays-Jesus threw his head back and howled with laughter. (I'd interviewed him for the newspaper and talked to him several times before, so I like to think he knows I'm not that big of a jerk.) Hunky!Guy!Peter! patted me and reassured me and made me feel lots better.  The absolutely beautiful actress laughed and kindly hugged me and said, "It's okay, I figured you had misunderstood what I had said!"

My kids nearly died right then and there, because their mother is such a big colossal dork.

So, what did we learn tonight? We learned that one little word can make one very, very big difference.

I also learned that if you make a big dork of yourself, maybe Hunky!Guy!Peter! might pat you a little and make you feel lots better. 

Yep. It was almost worth it. 

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