Thursday, April 28, 2011

Four days, three pounds

So today, I stepped on the scale with one hand firmly over my eyes.

Then I realized I couldn't read the numbers that way, so I peeked between my fingers. 

I was sure I had blown the "diet" (it's more of a lifestyle, really) last night. We went to see a dinner theater production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" and I was faced with a mountain of food. Fortunately, dessert is served at intermission, and the entree served an hour before the show began, so I managed to eat my dinner and my dessert three hours apart. How lucky was THAT? 

I had to eyeball the amount of food I was eating (my kids would have died if I'd whipped out my little food scale), but I asked for a to-go box and put at least half of my entree in the box right away. I thought about putting the whole thing in the box and going whole hog on the dessert. Then the "Thou Shalt Not Skip Meals" rule rang in my head, so I ate some of my chicken and veggies.

Three hours later, I was eating a quadruple-layer chocolate cake. (I only ate one layer.)

And this morning, when I finally pried my fingers away, I discovered I'd lost three pounds. 

Yep... in immortal words of Micky Dolenz, "I'm a believer." 


  1. Well done for losing 3 pounds!It's hard when faced with lovely tempting food! Hope u enjoyed the performance at the theater.

  2. I read the same article just yesterday! I recently had a rapid weight gain of 55 pounds in about 7 months thanks to the drug depakote. Anyway, I'm glad that i'm not the only who thought I needed to try this! I'm even happier that I found your blog and you're having success! I'm now a believer also! Thank you! :)